Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chile 1 Argentina 2 Lionel Messi genius

Lionel Messi scores a great goal and leads Argentina to victory over Chile.

Higuain scored the second but gets injured. Chile had their chances but forgave, and Gutierrez's goal at the end was to little for Chile

Ranking of South American qualifying group  for the World Cup in Brazil.

1.º Argentina 20 points
2.º Ecuador 17 pts.
3.º Colômbia 16 pts.
4.º Venezuela 12 pts.
5.º Uruguai 12 pts.
6.º Chile 12 pts.
7.º Bolívia 8 pts.
8.º Peru 8 pts.
9.º Paraguai 7 pts.

Chile vs Argentina 1:2 GOALS and HIGHLIGHTS

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